A VIP experience where we work together one-to-one to take stock of your current job and get clear on what the right next move is for your career and the steps you need to take towards it.

Whether that’s an ambitious move in your existing company, a career change or starting a business, we’re going to discover exactly where you should focus your time, energy and attention so you can take the hand break off your potential and step into the life and work that you really want.

Find out more: It all starts with a chat to make sure One Day Career Plan is the right fit for you and so I can create the perfect flow, content and focus for your day.


You’re here to succeed in your career and create the change you want to see in our working world. You know that to powerfully lead others, you need to powerfully lead yourself.

But if you’re like most leaders I talk to...

  • You never get to the bottom of your to-do list, you feel stuck and that you’re not making the progress or securing the opportunities you want and deserve
  • Your career has been reactive rather than proactive and you know it’s time to take charge and get strategic so that you make the best moves for you instead of just saying yes to whatever comes along 
  • Life in lockdown has changed your career and life needs and your job needs to evolve too but you struggle to find the time and space to think about the what, nevermind the how

And if you’re being really honest, you often put what you need most, at the bottom of the to-do list. 

It’s not that you aren’t ambitious. It’s just that you haven’t got clear on what matters most for you and your career. 

Want to know the secret behind feeling confident about your career direction?

It starts with CLARITY. 

Clarity on where you are now. Clarity on what’s working for you and what’s not and clarity on what options are available to you now so you can move forward in a direction that gets you more of what you want. 

Which is why I created the One Day Career Plan! 

"At the end of our work, I felt empowered to move forward in confidence. Caroline helped me define a longer-term vision for my work, and figure out the shorter-term actions to take to lead to fulfilling those longer-term priorities. In short, I got my mojo back! ." 

- Joan Stoneking | Founder & CEO | Stoneking Associates

What a difference clarity and a plan makes…

This is a virtual coaching and mentoring intensive (with breaks!) designed to:

  • Complete a career audit so that you can identify the specific challenges and opportunities that you are facing right now
  • Identify your career (and life) priorities and understand what options are available to you so that you can move forward in the direction you want with confidence
  • Get clear on the exact action you need to take and get a plan in place so you can make the progress you want in your career
  • Provide follow-on coaching to support you take the action you need


You will walk away with:

  • Complete clarity about what you want to achieve next in your career and the options available to you
  • A straightforward and flexible career plan so you know the exact steps you need to take to move forward
  • The tools you need to stay on track with your plan of action (and reduce the risk of career drift)
  • A scheduled follow-up coaching call to support you following your session (to be taken within one month of the session)
  • The recordings from our calls so you can revisit the process as and when you need to!

Find out more: It all starts with a chat to make sure One Day Career Plan is the right fit for you and so I can create the perfect flow, content and focus for your day.

The Benefits of the One Day Career Plan

Here are the four big gifts that you give to yourself when you invest in the One Day Career Plan…

Practical Action

Imagine getting about two months of coaching, mentorship and an action plan done in one day? That is why the One Day Career Plan sessions are so powerful. If you want to get clear on what you need to do, accelerate your timeline, focus and get things done, the One Day Career Plan is the fuel you need.

A Partnership

On the One Day Career Plan, I have the opportunity to be your thinking partner, strategist and mentor. Through my structured process and coaching, I am able to help you identify the golden threads in your career and life and how they will help you achieve your vision.

Laser Focus

When was the last time you had a chunk of time without your phone, email, boss, colleagues, family members or children interrupting you? The One Day Career Plan is time for you, completely uninterrupted so you can focus on what is most present and important for you right now. Powerful.

Depth and breadth

The two key pillars of our work together are to audit your career so you can get the clarity you need to move in the right direction, and create a plan of action to make the moves you need, and to spot and eliminate the internal beliefs and practical blockers that are holding you back. These blockers often appear to be ‘practicality’ or ‘being responsible’ but can, in truth, seriously prevent you from fulfilling your potential and creating the change you want to be part of. 

Identifying these and working through them is worth One Day career Plan in and of itself! 

How the One Day Career Plan Works: 

  • The One Day Career Plan is held online and we work in two sessions (with breaks!), plus a follow-up session within a month so you have on-going support.
  • In advance of your VIP day, you will receive a discovery questionnaire so that we are clear on what you want from the day and what we will focus on. 
  • In the first session, we will confirm our approach for the day and get any urgent issues on the table. We then undertake your career audit and identify your challenges, opportunities and priorities and explore the options available to you.
  • The second session is where we drill down into your career plan so you are primed to take action. We will also discuss any tools or tactics you need to support you with the practical realities of making things happen and schedule your follow-up session. 

I offer only 4 VIP Days per month. This means when you work with me you can be sure of my absolute focus, energy and unwavering support to you, your challenges and your future vision. That’s an awful lot of power in your corner, in one day!

Investment: £750

Find out more: It all starts with a chat to make sure One Day Career Plan is the right fit for you and so I can create the perfect flow, content and focus for your day.


Caroline’s ability to truly listen, hear what you are saying and then probe deeper gives way to enlightening insights and absolute clarity on what makes you tick. When used in parallel with her array of practical tools, you finish your sessions equipped with ways to implement change that last well beyond your time together."

- Sarah McLaren | Head of Operations, Strategy & People | vector.ai

I'm your Coach and Mentor, Caroline Rae

As an executive performance coach I help professionals worldwide take charge of their career and life so they can fast-track a successful, purposeful career that they are truly proud of. 

I bring a potent set of skills, strengths and expertise as a coach and successful professional to create your personal and powerful One Day Career Plan.

So what do you say?

Are you ready for to powerfully lead yourself, so you can powerfully lead others?

Find out more: It all starts with a chat to make sure One Day Career Plan is right for your needs and so I can create the perfect focus for your day.


“Working with Caroline has given me clarity, confidence and a clear roadmap to get where I want to be.  She’s helped me focus on and believe in what I’m really good at; identify and shatter barriers I’d been putting in my own way; and, guided me to develop a forward plan that gives me energy." 

- Matt Hamnett | Managing Director | MH&A