Are you ready to get the traction and direction you want in your career?

An eight-week group coaching program for professionals who want to go from feeling stuck, undervalued and lacking direction to empowered, confident and in charge of your career so that you attract the opportunities and recognition that you want and deserve in your career, even if you find self-promotion awkward, need a confidence boost and have no time!

Are you ready to get the traction and direction you want in your career?

An eight-week group coaching program for professionals who want to go from feeling stuck, undervalued and lacking direction to empowered, confident and in charge of your career so that you attract the opportunities and recognition that you want and deserve, even if you find self promotion awkward, need a confidence boost and have no time!

Are you ready to get the traction and direction you want in your career?

An eight-week group coaching program for professionals who want to go from feeling stuck, frustrated and overlooked to empowered, confident and in charge of your career so that you attract the opportunities and recognition that you want and deserve, even if you’re an introvert, lack confidence, and have no time!

Yes! I'm ready to be seen!

Are you tired of feeling stuck and unclear about what’s next
in your job and in your career? 

My clients tell me they feel one or more of these six things:

I’m not good at promoting myself. I don’t want to be the person who just speaks for the sake of it, I prefer to let my work speak for itself”

“I enjoy my job and the company I work for but I’ve been here for a while now and I feel a bit directionless

I feel stuck in my role and I’m not developing. I don’t know what the right next move is or how to make it”

“I'm taking on more and more as I don’t want to seem ‘difficult’ or ‘unambitious’ but I don't feel like I'm making the impact or getting the recognition I want.”

“I keep having the same conversation about promotion and career development with my boss, the noises are positive and yet nothing happens - it’s so frustrating.”

“My peers are being promoted ahead of me and I don’t understand why, I get the results they do, if not better”

I totally get it. Feeling stuck, undervalued or directionless is NOT on anyone’s dream job list! 

But here's the truth:

You know that continuing as you are now is costing you time, opportunities and income. 

And I know that you work hard and that you deserve to feel excited and be truly ambitious about your career.   

If you're feeling frustrated, overlooked or lack clarity about your next move, it's likely because you're not being intentional about your Personal Brand - AKA: owning and articulating your value, having a career roadmap you're excited about and knowing what action to take next. And that’s where I come in... 

Why do you need a Personal Brand?
It's not just for celebrities and social media influencers!

  • 30% of your career opportunities are down to what people think about you and your work
  • 60% is shaped by what people say and hear about you when you’re not in the room
  • That means that the work you do day-to-day only counts towards 10% of your career opportunities

So, if you think your work will speak for itself, it won’t.

Owning your value and being clear on your career roadmap is the most effective way to take charge of your career and attract the recognition and opportunities you want and deserve!

Which means, if you want to be on the radar of the right gatekeepers, colleagues and best recruiters so you can get the traction you want in your career, it’s time for you to invest in your personal brand.  

By the end of Impossible to Ignore, you'll have ...

  • Defined your personal brand – your stand out strengths, the value you create and what is distinctive about you. 
  • Absolute clarity on your career vision and career possibilities so that you have the direction you need and know your next steps. 
  • The confidence to communicate your purpose and competitive edge at work so that you can execute a plan to make your career ambitions a reality.
  • More visibility at work as well as knowing how to build your network and support team so you can future proof your career and make your next opportunity at work or your next career move the right one. 
  • The tools to navigate uncertainty and challenge when the right opportunity presents itself - your dream job, interviews and public speaking events, or that high profile project you want to lead – so that you can succeed with complete confidence.
  • An updated LinkedIn Profile reflecting your authentic, compelling personal brand and the inside track on how to use LinkedIn to build your profile and network    
  • A clear set of goals and an action plan for the next 6 months so you can hit the ground running in 2021!

Imagine being...

  • Empowered to lead your career from a place of clarity, confidence and supercharged certainty… no more watching from the sidelines.
  • Equipped and excited to speak up, step up and get the traction you want in your job and make your next move a sure thing… be your own gatekeeper!
  • Confident and self-assured in owning and articulating your value…. no more self doubt, no more feeling awkward or insincere.
  • Supported by the right people at work today and having the right building blocks in place for the future so that you can fulfill your potential and maximise you career opportunities, impact and earning power.
  • Aligned, purposeful and ready to elevate your career to achieve the success you really want and deserve!    
I’m ready to take charge of my career!

Want to know the secret behind those that have a career transforming personal brand?

As an executive performance coach to successful professionals and leaders worldwide I can tell you that when it comes to their career, they don’t allow their personal brand to live in a vacuum, lie by the wayside or be shaped by others.  

And neither should you. You’re too talented, too valuable and have so much more to give in your career – you should be Impossible to Ignore and nothing else!

I know firsthand how owning your value and taking charge of your personal brand can transform careers. It was working with a coach to understand my unique values, skills and strengths after a period of burnout that meant I could pursue a successful career as a senior leader and then follow my passion and purpose and set up my coaching business. This doesn’t have to be your path - it’s mine - that’s the point! You need to arrive at yours urgently. 

And now I want to help you take charge of your personal brand and career vision so that you can be the CEO of your career!

Introducing ...

Impossible to Ignore is my brand new immersive 8-week group coaching program. Designed for these times, it hands you my proven three pillar Emergence Experience step by step. Discover how to own your value, define your personal brand, build your confidence and get visible with ease so that you can go from stuck to empowered and in charge of your career.

This is the exact same process that I use with senior leaders to help them take charge of their personal brand and accelerate their career success. I'll also be handing over my Brand YOU Audit & Framework that I’ve only previously shared with my VIP one to one clients.

Caroline has a rare ability to offer deep insight in addition to practical steps that helped me increase my resilience, communicate with meaning and discover my USP. Working with Caroline left me better equipped to lead through the daily challenges of my dynamic organisation. Amelie Badout, General Counsel

Here's how the program breaks down:



Own Your Value & Get Clear on Your Career Vision

  • I'll be taking you step by step through my Brand YOU Audit & Framework that I’ve only previously shared in depth with my VIP one to one clients. This is your ‘north star’ for your personal brand and career vision. Once you know how to use it, it’s yours to keep and evolve as you develop and grow.  
  • We start by defining your personal brand and discovering what is distinctive about your approach that creates value, inspires change and gets results so that you understand your USP and how you stand out in the market.
  • We will identify any gaps in your personal brand and I’ll help you take action to populate them.
  • Using the framework, you will sharpen your career vision and possibilities, so that you can be clear on what you want from your career and how to make that happen - a career roadmap. 
  • The framework will provide a way for you to qualify future roles and companies to make sure that you are fully aligned to your career vision and what matters most to you. 

Caroline’s coaching has helped me find clarity & purpose at work and identify the kind of work I need to do to thrive. I’m now able to see the long term patterns in my career so far, to help me identify where I’d like to be in the future. I’ll be using the tools Caroline gave me long term. Thank you. Sarah Cook, Head of Content Strategy



After you’ve defined your personal brand, it’s time to get intentional about sharing it with the world!

  • Learn how to promote yourself with authenticity and ease with a Visibility Action Plan that will give you the practical steps you need to raise your profile in line with your brand - even if you find self-promotion awkward and have no time! 
  • We’ll also look at mapping your organisation and network so you can understand who the influencers are (not always who you think) and how to connect with them so you can accelerate your success and future proof your career. 
  • I'll be sharing how you can manage challenging conversations without all the drama and increase your personal impact in meetings, including key phrases to use to make sure you can communicate confidence.

Within six months, I achieved a promotion and a pay rise, and am currently really loving my job – with my work being recognised across the company. The return on investment has been in excess of 15X.Gavin, Director



Resilience is Your Superpower

  • Learn the myths and truths of resilience and how you can be a resilient leader.
  • You'll learn how to harness resilience to help you get out of your comfort zone to go after that promotion, speak on stage or shine bright in that stretch project you’ve taken on.
  • You'll also develop the tools to navigate navigate challenging colleagues and business changes, uncertainty and knock-backs with confidence.
  • As part of this training pillar, we will look at setting career goals for 2021 and design a roadmap so you can successfully achieve them!

"Thanks to Caroline I now fully own my career story and my values, I know what my 'competitive advantages' are, I have clarified my long-term goals and vision, and I have the resources that will help me get there." Elisa Ferroni, Project Manager


Plus over £4,500 of additional value...

  • 7 Live Q&A Coaching Sessions (£2,800)

As a member of Impossible to Ignore, you’ll receive access to me through exclusive live weekly group coaching sessions, where you can ask questions, share your wins, and have a safe space to get the personalised support you need while you step into becoming Impossible to Ignore!

  • Members-Only Impossible to Ignore Community (Priceless!)

Impossible to Ignore comes with access to our private Facebook club house, where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded professionals who are taking charge of their personal brands and careers.

This is your opportunity to join the accountability threads so you can take action and get results, share your insights and wins and connect with the Impossible to Ignore community for 24/7 support and cheerleading!

  • LinkedIn Masterclass (£297)

You'll discover:

  • How to create a standout headline, summary and about section.
  • Using recommendations feature to underline your expertise and impact.
  • Using posts, articles and comments to connect and build your personal brand on LinkedIn.
  • How to use your work on LinkedIn across other communication channels such as you CV, social media and job applications and interviews.

  • DISC
    Personality Profile & Explainer Q&A Session (£397)

You’ll receive a personalised DISC Personality Profile so you can:

  • Understand your own personality and communication style and what it means for you at work
  • Recognise the communication style of your manager and colleagues
  • Understand how to adapt your style to effectively influence others so you can achieve the results you want and increase your impact and visibility.
  • Plus, I will host an explainer and Q&A on DISC™ live in the group to help you implement your insights and learning.

  • PLUS
    ... Q&A with a Recruiter (£297)

In a special spotlight session, you'll meet with April Georgia Williams, Founder of Workplace Consultancy Can? Did?, Podcaster and Speaker. April is an experienced recruiter and talent expert in the fast-moving tech sector working with start-ups through to large enterprise companies. April will share:

  • What's happening in the job market right now and the trends.
  • What recruiters and leaders are looking for from candidates in our Covid-19 world.
  • Answers to your questions on all things recruitment and talent.

Are you ready to own and articulate your value and go from stuck to Impossible to Ignore?

Included in Impossible to Ignore ...

  • Access to the 3 Phase Emergence Experience Training (8 live taught workshops worth £3,000)
  • 7 Live Q&A and Hot Seat Coaching Sessions (worth £2,625)
  • Members-Only Impossible to Ignore Community (Priceless!)
  • Brand YOU Audit & Framework (worth £750) 
  • DISC Personality Profile & Explainer Session (worth £397)  
  • LinkedIn Masterclass (worth £297)
  • PLUS.... A Spotlight Session! Q&A with a Recruiter and Talent Expert (worth £297)

All for an investment of £997!

Of course, you won't have to pay that! Impossible to Ignore will be £997 when the doors re-open in March 2021. Today, I'm offering it to you for the introductory investment of just... £497!

Grab over £7k in value for just £997 £497!*

*Introductory price available until 10pm GMT on 29/10/20

If you're ready to go deeper...

Join me for the Impossible to Ignore VIP upgrade for just £997.

You’ll spend time with me one-to-one to deep dive into your personal brand and your career strategy and vision. I’ll also review your CV to make sure it aligns fully with your personal brand and what makes your distinctive 

VIP upgrade includes everything from Impossible to Ignore, plus a private 90 minute 1:1 coaching session to deep dive into your personal brand and career strategy, a CV Review - my eyes on your CV including written feedback to make sure you have a standout CV, PLUS A StrengthsFinder Assessment for just £997.  


Who is Impossible to Ignore for?

Impossible to Ignore is here to help you take ownership of your career. I’ll be focused specifically on how to define and communicate your personal brand, own your value with complete confidence and have clarity on your career vision and how to achieve it. 

Which means this program is a best fit for professionals who want to...

  • Take charge of their career development and recognise that the time to invest in their future is now.  
  • Make sure they're effectively building their personal brand, profile and network so that they can attract the opportunities and recognition they want and deserve, and future-proof their career. 
  • Gain clarity on their career direction and the confidence to own and articulate their value without feeling awkward, insincere or overshadowed. 
  • Access tools that will support them long-term as they can adapt and evolve in their career. 

Have a burning question? Here are some that come up...

How do I know if Impossible to Ignore is right for me?
It’s right for you if you’re a professional who is ready to do this work and prioritise yourself and your career.

How much time will it take each week?
The weekly live training session is c.60 minutes, which ideally you can fit into your workday. Beyond that, you will have access to weekly Q&A Hot Seat coaching calls to support you to integrate the learnings from the training sessions. What you learn you will be able to implement into how you show up for your job straight away.

When does Impossible to Ignore start?
We start on the 11th November and our final training session in on 12th January 2021. We will have a two week break between 21st December and 1st January. The Facebook group will open on the 8th November and be available and active to support you until the end of January 2021.

I don't have much time. What if I can’t join every training or coaching call live?
Completely relatable! I've designed the training to flex and scale to you as an individual. Attend each session or binge and catch up when you can - either way you will achieve massive shifts. I'll meet you where you are and you will have support in the Facebook group throughout our time together. Remember, you will have lifetime access to the training sessions, associated workbooks so you can revisit and reuse as often as you want and need to as you progress in your career.

If I don’t have a job now is this still relevant for me?
Yes! If you have been made redundant, are on furlough or are transitioning back to work after parental leave or a career break this is very relevant to you. Taking charge of your personal brand and being clear on your career vision is the most effective way to take charge of your career and attract the right role, recognition and opportunities you want and have worked hard for in your career so far!

Is this program relevant for our Covid-19 Working World?
Impossible to Ignore takes a mindset and performance coaching approach to deliver a comprehensive career development and resilience programme, making it uniquely placed to deal with the challenges of these times.  

How is this program different from other strengths and communication training I have taken?
Impossible to Ignore in centred on YOUR personal brand and how to practically and intentionally implement it so you can raise your profile and attract more recognition and opportunities. It is focused on supporting you to take action, and get results and equip you with the tools and resources to support you as you evolve your career long-term.

What is group coaching? How does it work?
The program includes a blend of training, coaching and mentoring. The weekly hot seat Q&A group coaching calls are a safe, confidential space where you can be coached on an area that you're working on or experiencing challenge with. You share as much or as little as you want to and you absolutely don't have to be 'in the hot seat' if you don't want to - your participation is entirely up to you! The benefit of group coaching in a small group program is it supports you to integrate and implement your learning from the training sessions and tap into the collective experience and wisdom of the group.

What if I don't have a Facebook profile or I don't want to join the Impossible to Ignore Facebook community?
All the live training sessions, coaching Q&A calls and bonus masterclasses will be hosted on Zoom, so if Facebook isn't for you, you will still access the learning, step by step process and personalised support that I provide in Impossible to Ignore.

How do the payment plans work?
If you opt for a payment plan, a payment will be taken on the day of sign up and then on the same date the following month, until all payment on the plan are complete.

If I don’t like the program, can I get a refund for Impossible to Ignore?
I have a 90-day no-risk, money-back guarantee. Try the program in its entirety and if you do not like your results at the end of the 90 days, I will give you a full refund of your purchase.

Can my Employer Pay for me to join Impossible to Ignore?
Yes. Your employer can cover the cost of the program using the payment options below. Please note, I do not charge VAT.


Meet your Coach & Mentor

Hi! I'm Caroline

I combine my skills as an executive performance coach with my experience of leading people and organisations through complex challenges to help senior professionals worldwide own and articulate their value so that they can fast-track a successful, meaningful career that they are truly proud of.

And now I want to give you the exact same experience inside Impossible to Ignore! 

I was an early adopter of a 'squiggly career'. I learned quickly that taking charge of my personal brand was the most effective way to make my career path make sense to others and allow me to attract amazing opportunities. Opportunities like leading business relationships on behalf of 10 Downing Street, setting up a commercial sales team, building multi-sector partnerships and attracting funding to drive positive change in health and social issues and supporting tech founders to rapidly scale their companies and so much more. Feels like a bewildering list? What underpinned my career choices were my values of growth, fairness and positivity and my super strengths of empathy, vision and making sh*t happen! :)

Why is this important? It’s important to me because you're a smart person, you work hard and it’s time you have the career success and satisfaction you deserve. I know that you can inspire and impact the lives of others as you lead others informally and formally in your career. Let's face it. We've all experienced the difference between poor, good and exceptional leadership. It's profound. 

Central to your success as a leader and in your career is the magical trio of personal brand + visibility + resilience. And that’s exactly what we’re going to build in Impossible to Ignore. 

I can’t wait to see you in the program!

Join Impossible to Ignore

Choose your program and payment plan below

£997 £497*
Includes all the program content:

  • The 8-week program with 8 high impact training sessions taught by Caroline Rae and access to her Brand YOU Audit & Framework
  • Weekly Q&A & Hot Seat Coaching Calls to help you integrate the learnings and take practical action
  • 3 x Spotlight Bonus Training Sessions on LinkedIn, DISC Profile & Explainer and Recruiter Q&A
  • Plus accountability and personalised support in the Facebook Community

*Introductory offer available until 10pm GMT on 29/10/20

Includes all the program content,

  • A private 90min 1:1 coaching session with me
  • A StrengthsFinder Assessment so you have a clear view of your strengths
  • Your CV reviewed by me (written feedback)

Sessions to be redeemed anytime to suit you before February 2021.