Do you....

  • Have experience & expertise but don’t know exactly where it leads or how to get there?
  • Know you should be leading but aren’t clear on how to make the jump?
  • Need to change how you’re seen but find it hard to translate into the right words & actions?
  • Recognise you’re being undervalued and it’s costing you time, money & satisfaction?
  • Realise it’s time to fulfill your potential and invest now or miss the boat?

A Thinking Partner(and your secret weapon!)

We'll work together to get clear on what you want and develop a roadmap on how to get there.

You may be looking to:

  • Find a new role, secure a promotion or figure out how to switch to a more meaningful career.  
  • Become more visible as a leader, as a speaker or in your network.  
  • Leave your corporate career and start your own business. 

We'll focus on:

  • How to articulate your unique value.
  • How to speak up in a way that feel authentic to you.
  • How to increase your impact and visibility as a leader.

We'll work together, in a safe, confidential and objective space, to think through your challenges, and how to refocus your goals for today, and to help shape the future.

What's included?

Your VIP Power-Up Session is 2 x 2 hours and costs £649. 

On booking, you'll receive: 

  • Confirmation of your coaching session and details on what to expect
  • An online booking link where you can view my availability and book in a time to suit you.
  • A short preparation document to complete in advance of the session. 
  • Afterwards, you'll receive an email summary of our conversation with suggested tools and resources to help you take action.
  • Sessions take place online via Zoom (or agreed alternative).

How does a coaching session work?

We'll spend the first 15 minutes on how you are, what's been going on for you and what you see as your key challenges and opportunities right now.

Then, we focus on an issue of your choice and explore this together for 90 minutes or so.

In the final 5-10 minutes, we get specific about the actions you will take and how you can put your best foot forward!

Hello! I'm Caroline...

I'm an accredited executive coach and career mentor, and I help ambitious leaders, and leaders in the making, to achieve the career success, and satisfaction, they really want and deserve.

No permission needed!

I work with clients worldwide through one-to-one coaching and mentoring and group online coaching programmes.
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